You Know What Time It Is



Oregon Scientific has long been a producer of useful gadgets for the outdoor types amongst us (stuck behind a PC all day that’s definitely no one from GadgetHeat


The cool thing about gadgets though, is that you can find all kinds of uses for them and the DP200 by Oregon Scientific is as cool indoors as it is outdoors.

The Daylight Projection Clock with Outdoor Temperature is the bigger brother of the DP100 which some of you may have seen in lesser gadget blogs (ahem).

The difference between the two I hear you say? The DP200 also has the ability to let the users know the temperature of whatever environment they are in, indoors or out.


The clock projects the time and temperature into the air or any surface you point it to displaying an LCD image of the time and temperature. You can even set your alarm and when it pops up turn it off or activate the snooze by waving your arm over the infrared motion sensor (beats scrabbling for the the snooze button when you’re half asleep).

Even in bright daylight or a well lit room the projected time image is strong with the Daylight Projection Clock beaming a progressively stronger image to accommodate for the stronger light. You can get your mitts on one for about $160 – £80 depending on where you look.

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