The Most Desired Video Game Characters

One of the most important elements in a video game are the main heroes, male or female characters who will accompany us throughout the adventure, and who are meticulously designed by the development teams so that they have sparkle, charisma, and enough personality to help the user feel more immersed in the narrative.

This means that the characters we see in video games are usually good-looking people, attractive men and women, such as hot Melbourne escorts. They are also extremely agile, powerful, and capable of eliminating any earthly or even fantastical threat.

In today’s post, we go into this topic and talk about the 8 most desired characters in video games that if they were advertised as some of the indian call girls,  in advertising portals such as Skokka, people would contact them without hesitation. Don’t miss it!

1. Chun-Li

There is no doubt that Chun-Li is one of the most adored fighters by all players of the famous fighting video game, and already at that time the developers of Street Fighter II created a specific animation for her when she is at rest, in which we can clearly see the movement of her breasts up and down as if they had a life of their own.

Did they do it on purpose? Actually, she was the only girl in the initial Street Fighter II line-up. Her measurements are close to what the cannons used to call perfection in a woman’s body (90-60-90), as her measurements are 88-58-90.

2. Cammy

With the rise of Street Fighter II, Capcom decided to introduce new characters to their fighting game, a sort of modern-day DLC, but you had to buy another cartridge. And with this expansion came the beautiful Cammy: with a size 86 bust, blonde hair, blue eyes, very long pigtails and dressed in a green thong swimming costume. She is not as popular as Chun-Li, but you have to recognise her attributes, and few girls are as sexy as Cammy in a video game nowadays.

3. Mai Shiranui

Not that it’s all about female fighters, but Mai Shiranui turned what we know into a new twist: she mixed the sensuality of the two aforementioned girls to become one of the most popular thanks to her clan’s official sexy outfit, like an Indepedent escorts in London near me. Can you imagine more girls like Mai all dressed alike? Be careful what you think or say about her, because her partner Andy Bogard isn’t fooling around!

4. Bayonetta

The witch Bayonetta stars in a video game of her own name. Far from the image of what someone might think of as a witch, Bayonetta has a spectacular body, and she loves to strut her stuff on the battlefield, as well as getting completely naked when using her combos. Is there a sexier witch than her? Probably not.

5. Lara Croft

No need to introduce Lara or tell us which video game she belongs to, this heroine conquered our hearts with her shorts, her explorer boots and her tiny top that hid a bulging bust in the first titles of her video games. The wankers will surely remember the “nude raider” mod for PC with which you could play with Lara with no clothes on! Clothed or not, Lara is considered one of the sexiest girls in the videogame world and I’m sure you’ll agree.

6. Tifa Lockhart

There are many girls who have appeared or starred in a video game of the Final Fantasy saga, but if we have to choose one in particular it is Tifa, for her angelic face and her perfect body. But we are not the only ones because in Italy there is a senator who was watching a hentai video of her in the middle of the congress. Or was it a hacker?

Tifa is one of the most beloved girls in the saga, maybe even more than Lightning, and thanks to the remake of Final Fantasy VII she is back in the spotlight among the hottest girls in video games.

7. Ada Wong

When you first see Ada Wong, you think: “Wow, what a hottie”, and that’s what you still think when you find out that she was one of the few people who survived Racoon City. Ada Wong is a mysterious yet charming character, with a hysterical wardrobe and an enigmatic mist that makes her even more desirable than possible. And Ada Wong is a woman ‘to be reckoned with’.

8. Samus Aran

When the first game of this iconic Nintendo series came out, many gamers thought that the protagonist was a male character, but if you were able to finish it in less than 5 hours, the secret was out: underneath that portly armour was a beautiful woman. And as time went by we could see Samus Aran in the light suit, a suit that leaves everything to the imagination.

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