Wooden R2D2 Found – Historians Dumbfounded

Yes folks, in the tradition of all things wooden

, we’ve dug up some pictures of this Steampunk Wooden R2D2. If you don’t know by now, GadgetHeat loves the R2D2 in general and we’ve even nominated the R2D2 Digital DVD Projector

as our gadget of the year.
This R2D2 is made out of a wooden beer barrel and some other shiny bits and pieces giving it a distinct early Victorian look. If you thought that the R2D2 only existed in a galaxy far far away, you can get your hands on the wooden barrel R2D2 by getting in touch with Amoebabloke over at Deviant Art, who definitely has a gift for inventive modding.
An R2D2 made out of wood may not be as durable as the real thing, but it is a masterpiece in craftsmanship and can’t be knocked. What GadgetHeat wants to know is if wood is the new black? We’ve had a Wooden Nes

, wooden computers

and Wooden iPod Dock

. We’re holding our breath for a wooden BMW…





  1. cool! its wonderful to know coz I am a star wars freek :-). visit my site

  2. Star Wars is one of those things that will always have a cult following. If anyone spots a wooded CP30 let me know….

  3. […] uses of the Steampunk Bluetooth Earpiece include controlling your steampunk R2D2 and making gullible historians believe that the Victorians were even more advances than they could […]

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