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Wooden Photoshop Photo Frame – Pseudo Digital Living

Wooden photoshop-photo-frame

The PhotoShop photo frame is like digital-art imitating digital-life if you get what I mean. No? Well the photo frame is actually wooden with true-to-life image of a Mac OSX PhotoShop window printed on the frame to make it look like, well, a PhotoShop window that you would see on your MAC (get it now?).

If you have just taken some flashy shots on your Canon G9

(or Canon E1

if you are a bit girly) then this would be the perfect accompaniment to show-off your pictures.

Only 50 of these PhotoShop photo frames will be made costing $50 each so if the glut of digital photo frames hitting the market is not your kind of thing, why not buck the trend (in an ironic way) and get yourself one of these wooden PhotoShop photo frames (the geek inside of you really wants one….).

They are available from I love Blocks

now (that’s if they haven’t sold out….)




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