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USB Mouse Wheel – For the Workaholic In You



Got a job? work 9 to 5? commute? Someday’s you must feel like your a slave to the system, going round and round aimlessly….have we got just the executive gadget

to compound your miserable existence! The USB Mice Wheel (yes they call it the ‘mice’ wheel rather than ‘mouse’ wheel – obviously not sticklers for grammar…).

The USB Mice Wheel measures how fast you type in units of revolutions. The faster you type the faster the wheel turns. Imagine having this beside your desk reminding you that you are a corporate pet….

The product page touts it as motivation to learn how to ‘touch type’. We would tout it as motivation to find a new job.

If you are into cheesy executive toys or just feel the need to demean your secretary you can pick up the USB Mice Wheel from



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