Woodstation Clock – Hi-Tech Wood



The Woodstation clock is not just another novelty alarm clock (check out the Rubik Cube Alarm Clock

and Clapboard Alarm Clock

for reference), the Woodstation is an alarm clock that ‘predicts’ the weather (pause for ooohs and aahs).

In sleep / inactive mode, the Woodstation clock looks, well, like a block of wood (and we have plenty of those around).

However, the Woodstation, designed by French design house INOVAXION, is motion sensitive, lighting up when you wave your hand in front of it to display the weather forecast in universally recognised symbols of sunny, cloudy, stormy, rain etc (just think of those graphics that appear on screen when you watch your local weather report).

It also displays the time and date for the more practical minded gadget

lovers (it’s not just about the cool you know ^^).

The Woodstation Clock is available in France next month, look out for large blocks of seemingly blank wood next to the beds of your European friends…..

woodstation clock

woodstation clock


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