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Pac-Man eyeglasses case

Pac-Man Video game

Remember Pac Man? How could anyone forget. An iconic game like that lives through the ages and has all kinds of spin-offs one of which is this cutesy eyeglass case made by Badclipart. As a (not so) young strapping guy I don’t go for glasses cases in the norm and just fling my specs anywhere (and spend all morning looking for them!)) but a case like this is more than just fufilling a need, it’s making a statement.

It Brings the video game arcade mania of the 1980’s right back and in this current climate of retro-cool it’s a winner with us at

. Now all we need is for someone to make one for Double Dragon and i’ll be a happy chappy…

Each one is handmade so Check out Badclipart’s online shop

and get one made for yourself. If you ask really nicely maybe they’ll even put the Pac-Man, video game icon that he is, himself on there 9subject to copyright of course!)

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