I Spy With My Little Adsspy…..

…something beginning with $$$

First of all let me point out that there are no affiliate links in this post. With that being said, if you want to learn how to make money, get Adsspy. Consider that an executive summary.

None of the Gurus or pro-bloggers out there ever gives away their real secrets. Their true goldmines are always well hidden (and rightly so) whilst they tease you with titbits of information and charge you for the privilege of learning something you could’ve got for free elsewhere. You never really get to know how they make money online so successfully.

Adsspy by SEOQuake is like a real slap in the face to them because now you can actually see what sites they have hidden away! At the time of writing SEOQuake Adsspy have over 200,000 affiliate ID’s on it’s database. This means all the sites which hold advertising by those ID’s are now at your fingertips. You can discover whole networks and learn exactly what niches are profitable and how to layout your site to earn the most revenue. I freaking love it. We’re talking about how many sites they have Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher and Amazon affliate links on. You’re going to know exactly how they make money…. Of course, most have more that one-Id associated with any account in case of banning (and also probably because of programs like this) but still, you can find a lot of info if you just knew one of their publisher ID’s.

The feedback from the blogsophere has been the real tell-tale sign that this plugin is a winner. If you hop over to the Addspy blog

you’ll see how many big timers are crying over their privacy being violated. Like they don’t know the meaning of blackhat themselves….

Not that Adsspy is a blackhat tool in itself, it’s perfectly legit but the edge it can give you if you do your research is incredible.

Anyway enough babbling head over to

and see for yourself.

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