Ultimate Matrix Collection Delivered in the Nebuchadnezzar

The Ultimate Matrix Collection Bluray

The Ultimate Matrix Collection Bluray

The Matrix was an over-the-top special effects extravaganza when it was first released all those years ago and the Ultimate Matrix Collection lives up to the excess of the movie by arriving in the most over-baked package you could imagine.

If you have never seen a collection of Blu-Ray DVD’s delivered in a highly detailed model of a submarine, well, this would be a first then…The 7-disc collection comes in a Nebuchadnezzar storage case and includes The Matrix Trilogy, three making-of documentaries and The Animatrix (non-hardcore fans need not apply).

No doubt this is going to be a collectors item so if you are looking for an investment to flog on ebay in a couple of years, The Ultimate Matrix Collection and Nebuchadnezzar storage / packaging will be available from Japan from December in the $375 price range.


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