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Tamagotchi Plus Color – Return Of The Virtual Pet



Personally GadgetHeat never got the whole Tamagotchi thing. I guess you had to be a pre-teen Japanese school girl to really appreciate it but in any case, they are back with the Tamagotchi Plus Color. It is an updated, new and improved version on the Tamagotchi digital pet that was loved so much by everyone (well, I say everyone….). As cuteness goes, Hello Kitty gadgets

pretty much have the market corned but the Tamagotchi digital pet is bound to give them a run for their money this year….

Toy makers Bandai have added a color LCD screen to the old favourite digital pet but the avatars themselves still look distinctly 16-bit. Maybe that’s part of the charm but I like my graphics to be state-of-the-art (yes, I’m a sprite snob).

The Tamagotchi Plus Color digital pets can now get dirty, change color and reflect the effects of weather conditions. At $48 a pop they are more pricey than the original $15 version released all those years ago.

Let’s see if the added color makes up for the added price and Bandai manage to shift another 70 million of these Tamagotchi Plus Color gadgets (that’s right folks, there are 70 million pseudo school girls out there who bought these things the first time round, scary isn’t it?)






  1. do you have english instruction? i don’t know how to play..

  2. Sorry Devita no instructions. But if you use something like babelfish for a Japanese to English translation, maybe you can get the gist? Shouldn’t be more than ‘eat’ and ‘sleep’ I would have thought…

  3. Is Tamagotchi Plus Color available in english version? Because i’m planning to buy one and i’m not gonna be happy playing it knowing that i won’t understand anything it says…

  4. You probably can find an English version off ebay and the like but I think their core market is definitely SE Asia

  5. I live in the Philippines, and in fact i found out that it is already released here, you can buy one in toy kingdom… So you are saying that it is in english version? Anyway, i’m gonna check out.

  6. how do u pause tamagotchi colour please tell me i beg am only 10

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