Clapboard Alarm Clock – Time For Some Action



We’ve featured all kinds of wacky alarm clocks and whilst the Clapboard Alarm Clock my be more geeky than wacky, it is still pretty cool in GadgetHeat’s book. When the alarm rings you just need to use the clapper, like you would do when the director yells ‘action’ and the alarm will stop.

The Clapboard Alarm Clock displays the date, and time down to the deci-second (useful) and even has space to place your name as the director of your own bedtime flick (would have been better if you could do this electronically like the other parts of the display).

The Clapboard Alarm Clock is Available from chinavision for you movie-buffs but if you are looking for even stranger alarm clocks check out these various offerings for the novelty alarm clock of your choice…

Shape up alarm clock

, Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock

and the Osim Nioi alarm clock

. Yeah we know, we’re clock crazy around here….




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