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Grenade Mouse – Explosive Control



Novelty gadgets can be crap to be frank but sometimes, just sometimes, some of these crazy mods actually pull it off (check out the Batman USB Lamp

for reference) and the Grenade Mouse is one of these rare creations.

A so far unnamed Russian modder managed to get his hands on a unused grenade (plenty of those lying about) and transformed it into a fully functioning optical mouse. The grenade was cut in half and its explosive content replaced with a mouse.

The grenade mouse is not on sale yet but if we manage to get our hands on one we’ll let you know before it blows up in our face….



  1. As I do not understand rusian, i can’t read what your link does say, but as the designer of it, I must say it’s a spanish invention, and altough it does look a bit awkward, it feels comfortable in your palm.
    The grenade body itself it’s BB bottle, not an actual grenade.
    Right and left switches are activated like an apple mouse, by pushing down the corners about 1mm down.
    The slider plastic under both buttons does indeed have some nylon plastic to make it useable and of course, it’s a wireless mouse powered by two AAA batteries.

    (first apearance was in “Arnies airsoft forums” and second apearance was in Metkumods, as for backtracking purposes ^^, under the name Inventor)

  2. Thanks for clearing that up Abraham!

    its a great mod and if you have any more inventions make sure you let us know first and we will be glad to feature it!

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