Griffin Simplifi iPod Dock

Yes, we know, there are way too many iPod / iPhone docks on the market but that doesn’t stop them coming out of the woodwork every couple of days to grab a share of that iPod accessories market.

Griffin already has a sliver of the pie and look like they want to increase their slice with the release of the Griffin Simplifi iPod Dock. It’s not as good looking as some of the docks we’ve seen such as the slick Pure iPod Dock

but it is more useful…

What’s the difference between the Griffin Simplifi iPod /iPhone Dock and every other dock on the market? Space. That’s right the Simplifi combines multiple gadgets in one saving you space on your desktop. These include a USB hub, media card reader (multiple formats) and an AC adapter for external power.

Coming in at a reasonable $70 (grab it here

) the Griffin Simplifi iPod Dock is compatible with most iPods and the iPhone.




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