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Toshiba 26C3030DB – Mediocre things also come in small packages

We don’t usually review televisions under 32 inches but we thought, hey, why discriminate on size? Besides i’ve got a 26 incher myself and it ain’t half bad…. The Toshiba 26C3030DB

26C3030DB is …. ugly. Yeah I said it, the thingis ugly. Looks like a throwback to the late nineties (can you beleive that we’re almost a decade into the 2000’s?).

Now all HDTV‘s start at a 7/10 at least for picture quality but, taking that into consideration, the picture quality of the Toshiba 26C3030DB is average in the HDTV scale of things as is the sound. It only comes with one HDMI port which would really annoy me as you would have to keep unplugging your console, HD / Blu-Ray DVD player, Sky box or any other HD Source.

The built-in Freeview receiver is a plus as is the card slot that enables you to activate top-up channels, however, the reciever is not as strong as it could be and side-by-side with a standalone freeview set-top box in a poor reception area the Toshiba 26C3030DB will come off worse in terms of picture quality.

For a main TV, i.e. for your living room or lounge, the Toshiba 26C3030DB

26C3030DB would not be my television of choice. For an additional TV or a dedicated console television then the 26C303DB becomes more viable. It’s currently under £350 online so it’s a bargain in that respect for a high definition television. So if you’re a bit short of cash and desperate to get your hands on a HDT, not too fussed about picture purffect quality and are only going have one HD source this would fit your bill….I guess.

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