Tech Blogs that i’m Luving

In the recent weeks i’ve become more involved in the blogosphere mainly due to Entrecard and the way it necessitates visiting other blogs in order to drop your calling card. I’ve decided to spread some love and share with you cool blogs that i’ve discovered along the way and some of the nicer webmasters. Hopefully this will become a regular feature in the month’s to come.

First off is

. This is a really good tech site and blogging site in general. The layout and design are excellent and his blogging brand is very identifiable. He runs some nice competitions which has given me the idea of running one myself to give away a HDTV

at some point (stay tuned for that one folks it’s going to be big…) but in the meantime i’m going to organise some smaller competitions of my own….

is another cool site. Lots of useful apps and information that makes life easier and can help you automate stuff to do with running your blog and being online in general. The ping list is a new one I’m trying out – Thanks Alfred!


gets a mention simply for bringing the selfdestruct button to my attention. It woul be great to have on those days when your PC is really playing up…

A site I like for it’s clean design and wide subject matter is

. Paul has written an excellent report on Entrecard (I’ve also expressed my Entrecard

thoughts) so all you Entrecard droppers should check it out.

Speaking of EntreCard… I came accross this competition by affiliatelounge

which definately sparked my interest. 500

free EC credits is too good to pass up! Check out affiliate lounge for some more great ideas.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be spreading the love on a regular basis so stay tuned. Don’t forget that we’re organising our own competitions soon and building up to organising a HD TV giveaway at some point so keep visiting this blog! 😉

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