Forget Competitions 50 Entrecard Credits and a free backlink for every post!

Ok so this is HDTV Reviews

first competition of sorts … except that it’s not really a competition. I’m sure you’ve all seen the upteen competitions for entrecard credits and done the requirements but not won. I got this idea from another blogger and decided you know what, I’m just going to give them away and see what happens. No ‘random winner’ they’re yours for the taking. All you need to do to recieve your 50 EC credits is blog about abiding by the following rules:

  1. contain a link to
  2. Contain a link to any other post in this blog
  3. Include this logo in the post

Thats it! You can say what you want about the blog (you don’t have to be nice lol) Once you’re done just post back here with your link to the post in order to recieve your 50 credits.

To get your free backlink just use the URL below to sign up to Garuanteed free backlink!

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