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Panasonic TX-26LXD70 …..anyone else hear that whistling sound?

When HDTV Review

got to review the Panasonic TX-26LXD70 HDTV we were somewhat excited as this is our first Panasonic review (I know, I know, it’s the small things that makes us happy). We’ve done a few SONY’s and even a review of the Samsung LN46A650

so a Panasonic was a novelty. On first impression everything is sweet and we were all set to give the set a thumbs up … the funny thing is, when the Panasonic TX-26LXD70 is switched on everything is rosy but as soon as you switch it on, your going to hear a sound that should be reserved for dogs.

An annoying whistling sound occurs whenever the set is switched off, so much so that you are going to think its a fault and curse the fact that the only way you can fully switch of the Panasonic TX-26LXD70

Panasonic TX-26LXD70 is to pull the plug out.

But enough about how shoddy this HDTV is when it’s switched off lol, switched on it’s pretty tasty. The LXD version outputs at 100HZ (as opposed to the LMD version) and this gives a fantastic picture. True, you will still get blurring when it comes to fast moving images and sport but that’s standard for nearly all LCD televisions (CRT sets still have some things in their favour). However with the ‘Motion Picture Pro’ feature this is greatly reduced to be almost unnoticeable in most cases.

Out the box the Panasonic TX-26LXD70

Panasonic TX-26LXD70 contrast settings are all out of wack leaving images looking weird to say the least but with some tweaking you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the 100HZ technology in no time which includes making SD inputs to great levels, not quite HD but not too far off either.

Another neat feature is the auto update of freeview channels whenever they become available. A message will appear on screen informing you that a new channel has become available and prompting you to update. What’s not so neat about the Panasonic TX-26LXD70 is the stingy 1 HDMI slots it comes with, what’s that about? If a HDTV doesn’t have at least 3 HDMI slots it loses points in my book. You at least want some future proofing.

The Panasonic TX-26LXD70

Panasonic TX-26LXD70 is simple to use and easy to set-up. The picture is great for a LCD outputting at 100HZ and this boosts SD inputs significantly. The minor gripes are with the whistling sound that can be heard for a few minutes when the set is on standby and the fact that being a LCD you never fully eliminate picture blurring, however slight, in fast moving scenes.

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