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Top Ways to Test Your IQ

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These days it is getting harder and harder to keep your mind sharp. With modern distractions what they are, it can be difficult to make sure you are exercising your mind the best you can. Here are a few ways that you can be sure to test your IQ, and in the process make sure you are making the most of your brain.

Scrabble is a brilliant way to get the mind going

. Everyone knows the basics of these types of games-place letter or number tiles on to a grid to form a word or sum. But did you know that extended or repeated playing of this game can benefit you mentally? It has been reported that one of the side effects of playing scrabble is an increased capacity for anagramming (the decoding of words if they are not spelled in the correct order).  Studies have also shown that cognitive abilities may improve also after a extended time playing. This then, is a perfect way to probe your mind.


Card games are another good way of testing yourself. No matter what card game you play, be it blackjack, poker or hearts (all fun) it’s all about the strategy, and with so many different games to choose from your memory will be put to the test also. To test your card game IQ try using the Ladbrokes online features-you can play from almost anywhere. Strategy is such a big part of these games because of how unpredictable the hands that are dealt can be, and because of this a constantly shifting and reworking mind is needed if you want to get the best of your opponents.

Brainteasers are a very simple way of putting your mind to work. They are very easy to find, in books, calendars and even websites, the brainteaser is a way to keep you thinking whilst not sat chained to any specific task or game. A very simple concept, with a brainteaser  you are posed a difficult logic based question and have to find the difficult answer without any help.

Whilst you may think there is no real outcome of the inane questions that brainteasers so often take the form of, studies have shown that taking part in them enhances memory and processing speed, improves concentration and can even help reduce the risk of dementia. Brainteasers are, simply put, brilliant.


Finally, we come to the easiest way of testing your IQ, the IQ test itself. Whilst there are a number of different IQ tests you can be put through (for them to be completely accurate they must be administered by a psychologist) the end result is usually the same-an accurate number that shows your intelligence level and is comparable to others in any age group. The benefits of this are extraordinary, as you can set out to improve your intelligence at a level you will find the best challenge for yourself.

Summing up, there are many different ways to test and improve your intelligence and IQ. Be sure to try out some of the methods listed here, and see if it has any effect on you.

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