3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone


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These days, it seems like everyone has an iPhone. While it’s safe to say that Apple is certainly the most popular smartphone manufacturer on the market, it seems like more and more people are straying from their dedication to the iPhone with every new model that is released. If you’re in the market for a new phone or it’s finally time for your next upgrade, you might be tempted to opt for the newest iPhone 14 – but here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t. 

1. High Price Tag 

iPhones are the most expensive smartphones on the market, with the average cost of a newer model being around $1,000. While some consumers might find this price tag to be worth it, there are many phones available that cost a fraction of the price of an iPhone and can do virtually all of the same things. Don’t pay an unnecessarily high price just for the iPhone label! Plus, Apple rarely has sales – meaning that iPhones are almost always excluded from major sale days including Black Friday, when you can find numerous other smartphones available for much cheaper. The high cost of an iPhone is one of the device’s biggest drawbacks, and one of the top reasons consumers should be wary of investing in an iPhone. 

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2. Constant New Models 

By now, it should be no secret that the release of new iPhones tends to be bad news for those who are still using and enjoying an older model. With each new iOS update and iPhone release, older models get slower and less functional. From slow loading speeds that make Googling local scribe services difficult to glitches that prevent you from utilizing important functions like your iPhone’s camera or other apps, you should expect to experience trouble with your iPhone the moment a new model is released. 

3. Less Useful Features 

Although Apple is typically seen as the leader in high tech software that gives competitors a run for their money, the truth is that many users and reviewers alike are more impressed with the camera and internet capabilities on Androids and other smartphones in comparison to the iPhone. Although they are the most popular phones on the market, iPhones are not inherently better than other devices. If you are wanting the best phone on the market, you might do research into other devices.

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