Some of the weirdest devices that games have been played on

Gaming has been a thing for a long time. There have been a whole lot of games produced in these years, with some of them being much weirder than the rest, and all of them have been some interesting experiences to say mildly. Weird games have always been a thing, and it is not surprising, after all weirdness is what brings in innovation, at least according to Fantasino. But what is even more interesting than all the strange games we have been seeing littered all over the internet and all over the industry are the strange gadgets that people have managed to run some random games on. And we are not talking about some Tetris either, we’re talking about some very specific, high end games that have been run on computers that it makes no sense to run the mon. Some of them are barely computers, while others are not even computers at all. Let us look at some of the games and try to understand why people would go about doing that and why they would even think about playing a videogame on a refrigerator? But hey, people do strange things for novelty reasons. So let’s see what we can gather from the information available. 


This is not surprising to most, after all, calculators where the first, rudimentary forms of computers, and computers are all advanced versions of calculators. And we all know there are many different tricks that can be done with calculators. Who hasn’t types in 80085 into their calculator at some point in 3rd grade and had a laugh about it? Well, the thing is, the calculators are capable of so much more than just that, and some have utilized this potential. There have been a number of people who have, throughout their computer engineering classes, who have dedicated a week or so to making a tetris game out of a calculator. These are some impressive feats too, as playing tetris on a calculator is pretty much impossible if you don’t have the right kind of display, which is why it’s mostly the scientific calculators who have fallen victim to such shenanigans. Apparently, it is not too hard to do, and there are a number of places where you can learn how to do it, so if you want to try for it, we are going to encourage you to do it, though remember, scientific calculators are pretty expensive if you break them.


Yes, we did break the promise and talked about tetis gaming on weird things. So, to make up for it, we are going to keep the promise about talking about refrigerator gaming and how cool it is. The new smart refrigerators can do a lot of things. They can tell you if your fridge is empty, if your milk is expired, if there is ice in the tray, as well as if the breakfast you are planning on having is worth having at all. It will also share this breakfast on social media which is a very useless feature if you ask me. But hey, some people like to instagram their breakfast, so why not make it easier? 

Well, other people like to do a bit of gaming, before they get lunch. Or while they get a snack. Or during breakfast. So to make it easier, and utilize the full capabilities of their refrigerators. So they install Windows Operating Systems on their refrigerators and bam, they have a low end PC that can play most of the old games that you want. Games like heroes of might and magic, or Doom, or something else that the user might be looking to play early in the morning while having their coffee and looking for those dessert leftovers from the night before. 


True convenience lies in the portability. If you can take your favourite games wherever you go, you are already five steps ahead of other people, who do not have those things. Which is what phones are really good for, but sometimes, even that is not enough. In the case of specific individuals, they have modified some of their Smart watches in order to play their favourite, but low processing power requirement, games. SO if you have an Android, and have ever wondered how you could make your commute to work better if your phone dies, download a game to your Smartwatch and bam, done and done, you are ready to entertain yourself with the help of your wrist action. 


Here is a quick bonus which is not a gadget, but is quite a bit more impressive. Minecraft is a game that many brainy people love a whole bunch. In the case of our context though, one extra brainy person took a chest within the game and coded it, or did whatever he did to it, in order to be able to play a version of minecraft on it. That, while not a gadget, is by far more impressive than watches, calculators and even refrigerator. Kudos to him, whoever he is and wherever he is. Now only if we could figure out why he did it. 

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