Tool-up And Boot-up

Desert survival rarely calls for the use of a laptop but in these days of mobile technology you never know…. The Swiss Army Knife has been a mainstay of survival types for time immemorial and now they have an extra feather in their cap so to speak with the release of the 8GB USB Swiss Army knife.

There has been a 2GB USB flash version available in the past but with ever cheapening costs of production and ever increasing demand the 8GB version has now hit the market. It has all the usual Swiss Army knife accessories including knife (is that legal?), nail file and screwdriver amongst other things but now also has the added functionality of a portable USB key as well (not that the guys at gad


would have any use for the nail file of course…).

swiss-usb 8GB

Get yourself one of these babies from chinavision and you’ll be the sharpest tool in the box with the extra ability to play video and Mp3’s once you plug this USB into the laptop that your carrying on your trek to nowhere…


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