Pocket-Power – USB Speaker Phone


If your a Skype addict or other VOIP user then you know the benefit of having a decent speaker phone when you gabbing away. Nothing more annoying then having to sit hunched over your desk or constantly adjusting a blue tooth headset whilst you’re trying to explain the finer details of Dawn of War tactics…

The MVOX USB Speaker Phone works easily with all the IM type software as well as AIM, Skype, Vonage, Apple iChat as well as others. This is a plug-and-play piece of equipment so no drivers are required or external power-sources. Simply plug the USB lead into your PC and your good to go.

As well as coming with a headset for private conversations, the MVOX USB Speaker Phone is also DSP (Digital Signal Processing) enabled, has built in echo-cancellation and noise suppression. Windows and Mac compatible


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