Picking BlackBerry’s Just Got More Interesting



The long awaited Rim BlackBerry Bold phone has just been confirmed. It’s a classy looking phone by any standards and especially by BlackBerry ones as they don’t have a reputation of being the prettiest on the market and it comes with all the usual BlackBerry cell phone goodness you would expect from a smart phone.

It comes with an improved, easier to use QWERTY keyboard with buttons which are large enough even for the klutz’s at GadgetHeat

to use. You can also hookup the Rim BlackBerry Bold cell phone to almost anything as it comes with WiFi, Quad Band, HSDPA/UMTS, Bluetooth 2.0 and enhanced, assisted integrated GPS (that’s a pretty big list of connectivity!)

Cell phone handset makes still haven’t got it into their heads that they should partner with the likes of Fire Fox when building their internet browsers but the Rim BlackBerry Bold mobile phone still does a respectable job of things and it’s browser allows users to switch between full desktop HTML style and Mobile browsing.

Expect the Rim BlackBerry Bold

cell phone to retails between $300-$400 and be available this summer on At&T.

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