Tokyoflash Ni – Steel Face Unreadable Watch – Awsome



What more can we say about TokyoFlash

. They should a patent down on ‘awesome watches’ because they keep churning them out and the latest addition is the Tokyoflash Ni, a stainless steel watch (in the broadest sense of the term) continuous the tradition of awesomeness.

In truth, the Tokyoflash Ni is more readable than many of their other watches such as the Fire

and Tokyoflash Denshoku

. The Ni actually has pointers to indicate what each row of flashing lights stand for and believe us, that is a big step forward. The bottom row of lights indicate 2 hour periods, the fourth row is for single hours, the third for 10 minute groupings, the second for 5 minutes and the top row for single minutes. Do the maths and add all the lights up and you will have the current time.

A lot of effort to tell the time? Maybe but the Tokyoflash Ni uses minimal effort to look cool and cool points are a precious commodity. Available from the TokyoFlash website for $144.


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