Transcend World Of Warcraft Hard Drive > WoW Lich King Storage



The Transcend World of Warcraft hard drive is a testament to how big the Wow bandwagon has become. If we put an image of the Lich King on a pair of nappies we would sell millions (not that the game is poo-poo of course ^^). Transcends World Of Warcraft Hard Drive comes in 160GB to 500GB capacity so you can have as many hours of WoW data saved as you can handle.

The World Of Warcraft portable Hard Drive is shock-proof, lightweight and durable as it comes with an advanced two-stage anti-shock technology (but wont protect you against the shock of being jacked in WoW by some Noob). The 2.5″ drive comes pre-loaded with Wrath of the Lich King so can simply plug in the hard drive and get going.

This is one for hardcore WoW fans but if you were in the market for the game and some extra storage than Transcend’s World Of Warcraft Hard Drive has got your back. You can add it to the WoW gaming mouse

you have and the Wow Keyboard and the Wow….


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