These Gadgets Will Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

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Of all the tech innovations of the past decade, none have had such a fundamental impact on our personal and professional lives as the smartphone. It is the technology that has defined a generation, and with market penetration now at around 85 percent of adults, smartphones are an intrinsic part of life for most of us.

Against that backdrop, it is only natural that we want to get the most out of what is, after all, neither more nor less than a pocket computer. Let’s take a look at a handful of gadgets that can help us do just that.

Joining the VR age

When the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift hit the shelves, the media was quick to herald the arrival of a new era in Virtual Reality. Industry commentators, on the other hand, suggested that VR tech would be something smartphones could easily handle, and that bespoke hardware would struggle to find a market.

Two years on, and the indications are that they were right. A simple headset can literally open up a whole new world in cyberspace, and it doesn’t come any cheaper or simpler than Google cardboard. The choice of games is still limited – as casino companies like this online slots site have become more popular, so some operators have looked to VR to stand out from the crowd, but elsewhere in the gaming sector, development is slow. While VR gaming remains at the development stage, a simple, low cost solution is ideal to keep a watching brief.

Eco friendly charging

Battery life is a perennial issue with smartphones. Even those with the top-end spec will sap the power rapidly, particularly if you are streaming media or using a WiFi hotspot.

A solar charger is an investment you will never regret, and will keep you powered up on the move. There are numerous options available, both online or in gadget shops, so compare the specs and opt for quality over price.

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Wireless speakers

Remember the days of having scores of CDs in a rack and playing them on a sound system in your bedroom? Today, you probably have your entire music collection on your phone, and at a fraction of the price compared with CDs.

However, while your phone might be great for privately enjoying music through headphones or ear buds, it will never be able to replicate the sound quality of that hi-fi you had back in the 90s. A set of wireless speakers is a great investment that will allow you to share your musical tastes with family, friends and the neighbours, just like the good old days!

NFC rings

The smart ring is the latest development in wearable tech, and is far more convenient than a fitbit or a watch. As well as tracking health parameters, smart rings can be used to play music, share links and even block unwanted apps. There are plenty on the market with different levels of functionality, so choose the one that will meet your individual needs.

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