Top New Films Releases 2019

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Every year,  movie directors and producers release new film releases in order to improve or enhance the entertainment comfortability of their viewers. Various studies have shown that movie or film watching is one of the many ways by which individuals and /or families use to entertain themselves.

This is the same in 2019 as theatres have recorded newer film releases that give precious memories to individuals and/or families during their entertainment period.

This is why Cinema Paradiso,  provides for you the list of the top new film releases in 2019 so that each individual or family will have knowledge of which film to go for.

Wonder Park

Released on the 8th of April,  2019, Wonderful Park is a film starring Jennifer Garner,  Mila Kunis and Matthew Broderick. The film tells a story of a magnificent amusement park where the maker brings the imagination of a girl named June alive.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu:

Released in the Month of May,  2019, the film portrays a world where people are known to collect Pokemon in order to fight battle.  In this same world, a young boy came across a wise and intelligent creature who seeks to be a monster. The film has Ryan Reynolds,  Justice Smith and Suki Waterhhouse.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile

The film talks about the chronicle of the crimes of a man called Ted Bundy,  from the perspective of his girlfriend called Elizabeth Kloepfer, who refused to believe the facts about him for many years.  Actors and actresses present include Zac Efron, Lilly Collins and Angela

Avengers: Endgame

The film has proved to arose the entertainment minds of many youths. The film portrays the actor called Tony Stark as he adrift in space while his friends Black Widow and Captain America are mourning him and trying to come up with a plan to save him. Some of the actors include Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.

The Beach Bum

Starring Matthew McConaughey,  Zac Efron and Isla Fisher, the film talks about the tale of a rebellious stoner called Moondog and how he lives his life by his own regulations.

Guava Island

The film talks about a tropical thriller that casts Donald Glover as a musician with designs on pulling off a scheme to steal something to get his good life. This quickly gets him in over his head.  The film has the presence of Donald Glover and Rihanna

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The film tells about the Hellboy,  who is caught between two Worlds of human and the supernatural. He therefore battles an ancient magician who is willingly to take on a revenge course. David Harbour (Hopper from Stranger Things),  Mills Jorrovich and Ian McShane are some of the actors and actresses present in the film. The film was designed based on the graphic novel by Mike Mignola.

Pet Sematary

The film talks about a family comprising of a father called Louis Creed,  his wife called Rachel, two children called Gage and Ellie and a cat. The family moved into the rural area where they are presented with the eerie called Pet Sematary which is located close to their home. The cat was however killed by a truck and the father resorted to burying it in the mysterious pet cemetery. However,  it doesn’t seems as it looks as it proves to the Creeds that it is better to be dead sometimes. The film has John Lithgow, Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz as some of its actors and actresses.


The film was a remake of the animated film called Disney Film and it entails a young elephant that has an extra large ears developing the skills to fly.  Eva Green, Colin Farrell and Michael Keaton are some of the individuals present.

What Men Want

Starring Taraji P.  Henso, the film is about a woman who is boxed out by male sport agents. Afterward,  she becomes more powerful than them when she develops the ability to hear their inner thoughts, hence the name.

Five Feet Apart

The film has Cole Sprouse,  Parminder Nagra and Moises Arias as some of the individuals present and it talks about a pair of teenagers who fall in love despite having life-threatening diseases.

Captain Marvel

The film talks about a man called Carol Danvers who becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the World when the Earth lies in the middle of a galactic war occurring between two alien races.  Some personalities present include Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson and Jude Law.

There are many films to be released this year and each one has its own uniqueness. Some of these new film releases/new DVD films (or Blu-ray)  are outstanding films that will leave their audience agape.  Therefore,  you have no cause to worry.

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