The Trilogy – Three Gadgets You Don’t Want To Miss

Out of the million-and-one gadgets out there it’s difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and find out which of them are really worth their circuitry in gold and which are just flavour of the month gimmicks. To help you wade through the throng of gadgets, GadgetHeat is starting a mini-series on must-have gadgets. Kicking us off we take a look at three of those battery-powered gizmo’s that no man should be without…

  • First up is the ubiquitous iPhone. Yes yes we know, obvious choice but here us out before you start calling us sheep. Pound for pound, the iPhone is worth about five gadgets. Phone, media player, web browser, Sat-Nav and application platform all rolled into one. We hate the hype as much as you do but we have to admit the Apple pulled the stops out when they made the iPhone. The 2 mega-pixel camera is nothing to write home about and 3G was considered standard an all other competitor phone for the last 2 years but all in all when it comes to a usefulness in a gadget-sized package, the iPhone has things locked down.


  • Next on our list are high definition televisions. HDTV is not the future it’s the present. If you don’t have one yet you’re going to miss out on a whole heap of high-definition goodness coming our way in the next few years. All the major broadcasters and movie studios are switching to HDTV making it the only way to go for anyone with a TV. The best of the current crop is the SONY Bravia KDL32S3000

    . Economical at under $800 and sporting the cutting edge Bravia technology makes the  KDL32S3000 the thinking man’s choice when it comes to HDTV‘s.


  • Last but not least is a GPS unit. Men hate asking direction as the saying goes and with GPS, we never have to!! Since the GPS revolution approximately 4 – 5 years ago things have reached the point where the majority of car owners think that they need one for their very survival. GadgetHeat loves satellite navigation systems and out current favourites included the Knight Rider GPS

    and the CDT PMP

    which is more of a media player with GPS capability than a GPS with media player capability if you get our drift ;).

So there you have it. GadgetHeat’s top three gadgets for the average male technophile. Next in the series is going to be our top gadgets for women because we all know that women like to play with toys that need batteries too….

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