Shape Up! Alarm Clock – Up With The (Fit) Birds

shape_up Alarm Clock

shape_up Alarm Clock

The Shape Up! alarm clock is a cool novelty gadget but getting fit and shaping up is a bitch. We all know it. Waking up in the morning is an even bigger bitch with bad breath. Who in their right mind would put the two together? It’s like a nightmare menage-a-trois of epic proportions.
Not to be discouraged by this seemingly insurmountable obstacle of putting two disliked things together, Yuk Wang has thrown caution to the winds and crafted the Shape Up! alarm clock. A dumbbell with an alarm clock embedded.
This novelty infernal gadget forces you to do several reps (30) to switch it off every time the alarm goes off. No more 10 minute snoozes for all you sleepy heads. You have to get up out of you cosy nest and work your muscles into silencing the annoying racket produced by the Shape Up! alarm clock.
No information as yet on the weight of the dumbbell or price but I’m sure we all know a gym-freak or two who can’t wait to get their hands on one of these Shape Up! alarm clocks for their not so healthy significant other. If you’re more into training your mind thatn your body first thing in the morning then you may want to try the Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock

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