The Gaming Industry in New Zealand.

Ahhh, New Zealand! Anybody who has had the pleasure to visit knows it’s truly a beautiful country.

What people don’t realize is that New Zealand is actually a pretty techy place, and it continues to be more and more so, year after year. It has great tech infrastructure, and a wealthy and educated population. Also, young people are really taking to this industry in a big way as it seems it has captured their imaginations.

New Zealand also has a pretty cool nascent and burgeoning gaming industry, which is also keeping pace and more with the rest of its tech sector. We are looking to see more and more exciting things from game development teams coming out of New Zealand soon.

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Casino Games

A lot of potential programmers and designers eschew the casino industry, but they shouldn’t. It indeed can be a high pressure industry, especially with those deadlines. However, it’s lucrative and only going to grow much much more in the coming years. Check out this Online casino NZ list to see how popular these games are getting. And new developers are popping up on an almost daily basis, plus, the already established developers are almost constantly expanding.

There is sometimes a stigma associated with the whole casino industry, but the fact of the matter is, they are licensed and highly regulated all over the world, and are quickly becoming more and more recognized as a legitimate industry.

Other Games

In the category of regular video games, things don’t look so bad either. Both employment and revenue are up roughly 50% over the past twelve months, and further explosive growth is forecasted for the near to medium future.

The NZ gaming industry is what you could call “lean and mean”. It focuses heavily on the digital side of things, and tends to turn games around quickly instead of sitting for years inside of a development cycle.

Here at GadgetHeat, we applaud this, as we thing that this is a much better way for companies to get good fast and certainly helps to mitigate or even avoid things like cost overruns and missed deadlines. It keeps teams focused and disciplined and allows them to evolve quickly.

Predictions For The Future

We think that not only are we going to see continued growth from New Zealand’s tech and gaming industry, as has been predicted. We think that we are going to see some of the bigger tech companies more and more become interested in this little country and its vast untapped potential.

Since the industry has long since been used to working on tight deadlines and on a shoestring, that means that their productivity is currently very high. In many ways, they may just serve as an example for the rest of the industry worldwide.

New Zealand’s gaming industry also has some unique revenue strategies that the rest of the world may want to look into, in keeping with their version of doing everything as “lean and mean” as possible.


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