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Tetris and Breakout Piggy Banks Can Save The Economy



With the US economy going down the drain and Barack yet to take charge, we need something to fill the trillion-dollar gap and the Tetris and Breakout Piggy Banks may be just the things we need (well, not really but it’ll be fun trying). Both these mini-me retro Atari arcade piggy banks operate when you deposit a single penny into their slots, giving you free play of either game, and a fun way to save money.

The Tetris and Breakout games are not exactly true to their original arcade big brothers but are close enough representations so that you or your kids (but most probably you) can have a blast whilst penny pinching during the economic downturn. These two imitation Atari gaming machines even come with joysticks and mini arcade buttons. Takara TOMY’s BanQuest

has finally got some decent competition.

Available in Japan (they thing of some of the best things), you can also get your hands on the Tetris and Breakout Piggy Banks on-line via Strapya World

. You will be looking at $40 each for these novelty gadgets but think of the money they will help you save (or think of any other reason that helps you can justify getting them). Check out the video below of the banks in action.





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