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Frying Pan Gun Egg Stencil – Hard Boiled McGraw


t Loves us some novelty gadgets from time to time and the Frying Pan Gun Egg Stencil fits the bill to a tee. If you have some kids that just hate to have eggs (I’m sure there’s some nutrients in them that the little munchkins could use), fry them a six-shooter omelette and they will be gobbling it down faster than you can say ‘draw’.

The Gun Egg Fryer stencil is made in the shape of a classic stainless steel six-shooter and the mold can also be used for making cookies etc. If you have a kids party coming up you can make your six-year old the envy of all his friends ^^.

Available from LatestBuy Australia

, the Gun Egg Fryer stencil can be yours for $6.50, what are you waiting for? A sheriffs badge?




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