Surf’s Up Dude, Bring Your Keyboard…

We saw the Surf Chair on-line and just had to bring it to you. So far it just looks like a design concept but looking at the pictures it wouldn’t take much to bring it into production and I’m sure it would fly (or surf) off the shelves.

Designed by Kenneth Lylover (even the name of the designer is surfer-dude cool) and winner of the “Best Product” – Internet Collection. Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2000. Why this futuristic Surf Chair isn’t in Ikea yet I’ll never know…




  1. […] have featured a few pretty cool chairs at GadgetHeat including the web surf chair by Kenneth LyLover and this concept Tech chair by PC world has a few gadgets of it’s own hidden down the back. . […]

  2. […] these days (yes we like our colloquial phrases ^^) and we’ve even come accross some cool chairs designed to surf the web but this GT5 Prologue gaming pod stands out from the crowd big style. Encompassing a 40inch SONY […]

  3. wow it is totally radopolis dude!!!!!

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