Feeling a Bit Moody?



We love all things USB here at GadgetHeat

. They are just so easy to use, plug-n-play all day baby. Everything should had a USB port and be USB compatible it just makes so much sense that we get apoplectic with rage when we come across a gadget that doesn’t have one (well that’s overstating things a bit but if it doesn’t have a USB port, we automatically deduct 5 points from our great GadgetHeat

book of Gadgets).

Having said all that we’ve just come across a device that must be a contradiction in terms, the USB Moody Star 4-Port Hub by the prolific USB.Brando For anybody into mood lighting and all that jazz isn’t it all part and parcel of positive energies et all? Having a PC or laptop sucking up resources and adding to your carbon footprint doesn’t seem to be setting quite the right tone to us. Added to this you then go and plug in 4 extra USB devices just turn up the temperature a little bit more….



If you don’t know what a USB hub is it’s simple a device that lets you plug in multiple USB devices at the same time from a single point. They come in all shapes and funky sizes and like the USB Moody Star 4-Port Hub retail for about $12.00.

The USB Moody Star 4-Port Hub glows in various colours whilst plugged into your PC or Laptop, giving you a feeling of calm and relaxation whilst you happily burn up the planet…


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