Hack-n-Slash Arcade Fun


If you’re a regular reader of this bog (and why aren’t you, eh??) you will know by now that we love both the classic retro gadgets and the futuristic so this next find will come as no surprise. Whist trawling the web to find out what’s happening we came across this classic print of the arcade legend that is Golden Axe.

The remake of the game is around the corner (how can you remake a classic like Golden Axe – there is no way it can top the original 16-bit scroller in all its glory) and whilst we may stoop so low to pass a glancing eye over the new version, the original Golden Axe holds a treasured place in our hearts here at GadgetHeat


These limited edition prints by EnablerArt over at his Etsy shop are a beauty. Our heroes, Ax Battler, Gilius Thunderhead and Tyris Flare (what names) are restored to their former glory in either individual prints or a framed set. If you have a den or a special place in your home for a set I suggest you go grab a piece of retro Arcade heaven for your wall before they all go. You can get your hands on them for about $18.00.

If you don’t have space on the wall you can grab the individual prints for you personal collection and bring back those heady days of cigarette filled arcades and your weeks dinner-money steadily disappearing down the insatiable slot of the arcade machine… EnablerArt




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