Onkyo Brings Out the HDD Boy



The new X-NX10A by Onkyo is an entertainment system with a difference. It comes with a 80GB integrated hard disk drive for all your audio needs. You can copy your MP3‘s straight from your USB key onto the HDD in minutes.

The Onkyo X-NX10A can also hook up to the internet via its ethernet port so you can access information about your tracks on-line (although album art cannot be displayed on its reasonably large LCD screen). Apart from allowing you play your MP3’s, the X-NX10A comes with a CD Player and can also play PCM and ATRAC formats.


Although it’s a mini package with the speakers only weighing in at 13cm medium with 3 cm tweeters, it packs a decent enough punch with each speaker capable of outputting up to 26W each. The Onkyo X-NX10A is expected to retail at around 450€


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