Packet Power



The buzz around upcoming flexible cell phones has been around for a while now with a few concepts from Motorola even floating about. GadgetHeat

was going to wait it out until something more tangible was revealed but once we saw this concept we just had to let our readers in on it. It’s not just flexible, it’s foldable

The cell phone (named Packet) is a foldable mobile phone designed by Emir Rifat

. Whilst not yet in production, seeing as how the big cell phone makers are seriously looking into distinguishing their handsets by design and innovation, it won’t be long before this gets picked up by one of them.

The keypad looks a bit fidgety and will no doubt be refined once it goes into production but the rest of it looks incredible. When folded the Packet is simple an almost flat square shape on which you can see the time and any messages you’ve received.

Once you open it up the keyboard expands to either side of the square and a screen pops up on top. It looks like a gadget James Bond would be proud to hold. Keep your eyes on GadgetHeat

and we’ll bring you news when this goes into production.





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