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Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clock » Give Those Fighters More Time



This Sterling & Noble Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clock made from chrome steel and pewter finish models makes telling the time way more interesting. Each spaceship on the dial is unique and displays 12 vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine battleships and vessels.

We couldn’t work out whether this was officially licensed merchandise (the price suggests that it is) or it was a niftily crafted piece made by YOUgNeek

from various parts (the fact that it’s only available on Etsy suggest that it is) but either way, the Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clock is pretty darn cool and can be yours for $89.99, batteries included.

The only thing that would have made it cooler is if they could have moulded the entire clock into the shape of the Death Star

, now that would have made us we know what time it is.

Pictures and ships on the dial are as below:

12 o’clock Star Destroyer

1 o’clock TIE Interceptor

2 o’clock Darth Vader

‘s Tie Fighter

3 o’clock Jabba’s Barge

4 o’clock Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car

5 o’clock Y-Wing Fighter

6 o’clock Super Star Destroyer

7 o’clock Rebel Blockade Runner

8 o’clock TIE Bomber

9 o’clock X-Wing Fighter

10 o’clock Rebel Snowspeeder

11 o’clock A-Wing Starfigher

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