Niagara Loudspeaker – Waterfall Audio Making A Splash



How important is audio quality to you? More important than $53,000? That’s the price tag on the Niagara Loudspeakers from Waterfall Audio, which also double up as a work of art.

The design of the speakers make it Look like they house floating drivers inside an impressive 15mm Diamond Glass cabinet. The Niagara Loudspeaker also comes with hand-stitched Nappa leather parts and aluminium pieces.

Technical specs of the Niagara 3-way loudspeakers include frequency response of 36 Hz to 28,000 Hz, two 7-inch midrange drivers and a 8.26-inch woofer at the bottom of the loudspeaker. Doing everything this big and flashy has other overheads including the fact that the glass horn tweeter takes 10 hours to make!

If you have the required cash (that’s $53,000 in case it somehow missed your attention the first time) you can grab a pair of the Niagara Loudspeakers

from waterfallaudio. Alternatively, you could go for the similar but not so pricey Harmon Kardon GLA-55 speakers



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