Android G1 – Now With Multi-Touch (Almost)



Most of the gripes about the Android G1 have been little niggling things that we all know that, with it being open source and all, someone will come along and fix any minute now (except for things like the lack of headphone jack which is just stoopid), and give Android owners something else to G1 rap


One of these little niggles which looks like it has been fixed by an enterprising modder/coder is the G1’s lack of multi-touch (which makes Apple iPhone users smile).

Master modder Bryan Gardner has found a way to hack multi-touch capabilities into his G1 and even though it’s still in beta as he admits himself, is still looking pretty darn good and provides a solid base for other Android G1 modders and coders to run with.

The video below shows Bryan simultaneously tracking the touch of two fingers on his G1, leaveing a trail of red and yellow dots behind his fingers. His ultimate aim is to enable the multi-touch ‘pinch to zoom’ feature that the iPhone currently and dispense with the use of the G1‘s magnifying glass function.

Video below


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