Coffee Cup Shaped In Car Charger – PowerCup



Trying to charge your latest gadget in your car can be frustrating for several reasons. Sometimes you don’t have the right adapters and at other times you gadget keeps sliding off the dashboard and going all over the place as you drive along. Fret no more as this simple yet ingenious coffee cup shaped power inverter car charger is now available.

Most cars and trucks now come with a cup holder so it just makes practical sense to make gadgets that fit into the available shape and the ‘powercupcoffee cup power inverter car charger has hit the nail right on the head (they didn’t actually have to make it look like a cup of coffee but if you’re going to do something, why not go the whole hog?).

The Powercup even comes with a USB charging point so as well as being able to charge TV’s DVD players, in-car microwaves

(yes microwaves in your car)  and cellphones, you can recharge all your USB powered gadgets too (although if you have all these gadgets in your car, you’re not going to be concentrating on the road are?).

specs below

200 Watt inverter with 2 AC plugs and USB power port
Provides 120 Volt AC power from any cigarette lighter socket
200W continuous/400W peak
Fits into standard cup holders
18″ cord
Overload protection and low battery shut-off
Power 3 devices at once
One year warranty
Dimensions: 6″ tall x 3.5″ dia


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