Stanton T.55 and T.92 USB Turntables » Vinyl To MP3 Made Easy



Stanton’s new T.55 and T.92 USB Turntables do the same job as every other vinyl to MP3 turntable but with pre-loaded beat-making software to make the task a tad easier. You probably won’t be seeing these in the clubs any time soon (we all know that DJ’s prefer the flashier turntables

) but if you have a host of vinyl that you want to transfer across, these will no doubt get the job done.

The Stanton T.55 is a belt-drive USB turntable designed with a straight tone arm USB and S/PDIF outputs and comes with Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator and Audacity software preloaded. The Stanton T.92 has the same specs except that it comes with a high-torque direct drive motor rather than the straight arm.

The T.55 is available now for $199 whilst the Stanton T.92 USB Turntable will set you back $299

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