Space Invaders Headphones



The Space Invaders Headphones are geek retro chic with a practical use. An unusual combination to say the least but drop dead cool to boot. GadgetHeat

isn’t too keen on the pink version but the black Space Invaders Headphones hits the sweet spot.

The Space Invaders Headphones are available from NCSX with the black circumaural headphones having a white 8-bit pixelated Invader on each headphone. The pink version has a slightly different design with adjustable headband.

You can get your own slice of Space Invaders retro cool from the NCSX shop for around $25. Technical specifications are sparse so you can be assured that branding rather than functionality is the USP here. If you are looking for something a little more focused on audio quality, check out the Plantronics GameCon 777

or the Nixon Master Blaster Headphones





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