Tweebay – Social Buying And Selling Auctions



Tweebay has arrived. eBay is dead. Ok, eBay isn’t dead but it’s getting old and a tad annoying due to all the new rules and regulations they’ve introduced (takes all the danger and gung-ho nature about eBay and wraps it up in a decidedly corporate-looking suit). Tweebay, on the other hand, looks like it may be a winner, taking one of the most successful social networking sites (Twitter) and adding the ability to buy and sell onto it.


, developed by Paul Rawlings and crew went live yesterday and as it is in its early stages, the most interesting item we’ve seen on sale so far is a bottle of ‘Chai Chipotle Chup’ Spicy Ketchup’ and some savvy internet marketer offering to sell ‘My First Borns First Name’ to the highest bidder above £200 or BIN for £100000.


 may cough up some loose change and see if we can get him to name it ‘GadgetHeat’….At the moment there is no way to pay for goods that you have won automatically through Tweebay so you will have to contact the buyer / seller directly after the auction is done to arrange payment (probably via Twitter no doubt).

Tweebay is just like that baby at the moment, small and weak but we get the feeling that with the right amount of marketing and viral buzz, Tweebay may just grow up to be a strapping lad. Watch this space

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