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Sotec Hello Kitty Netbook – Kitty Power



Sotec have dropped any pretence of being one of the boys with the release of the Hello Kitty Netbook, a re-branded version of their C1 netbook. The C101K3W (as you should call it if you don’t want to embarrass yourself) is a limited edition run and only available in Japan or at on-line retailers GeekStuff4U so if you want one of these testaments to the power of branding, you better get it quick.

The Sotec Hello Kitty Netbook comes with such essentials as Hello Kitty artwork and branding on the case as well as ‘dedicated’ Hello Kitty wallpaper. If those titbits don’t impress you in a netbook (and why wouldn’t they?), it also comes with 1GB of RAM, Intel 945GSE Express, Atom N270 CPU and a 120GB hard disk drive (but all of that is not as important as the oh-so-pretty Hello Kitty

logo embossed into the joins).

The Sotec C101K3W Hello Kitty Netbook is yet to appear on the website so no word on price but for a limited edition re-branded rig like this, you can expect to pay between $100 – $300 more than the price of the unbranded machine.


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