Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD Review – Not So Solid HandyCam



 I’ve been getting into camcorders ever since we reviewed the Canon VIXIA HF100

and when the chance to review the Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD HandyCam came along we thought that we may as well (enthusiastic, aren’t we?).

As always we like to start our reviews with negatives and the stuff that SONY don’t want you to know about the DCR-DVD108. For a camcorder noon, the HandyCam can be surprisingly hard to use. Getting your video onto a PC for further editing can be somewhat tricky.

The quality of still images on the Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD Handycam Camcorder

is laughable. In today’s age of 5 mega-pixel cellphones and mobiles, a camcorder that cannot even muster up a 1 mega-pixel still image is a definite disappointment.

Motion capturing is also very poor and if you move much (read ‘at all’) during recording, the DCR-DVD108 HandyCam gives you a quickly deteriorating picture. Not good.

I know I said we would start with the negatives and move onto the positives in this review but in truth, the positives are few and far in-between. Admittedly on the plus side you have a cheaper than average camcorder so if your on a budget then this is a winner.

If you’re also not too fussed about getting your recordings onto a PC or Mac for editing and just want to shot and show either directly on the camcorder or via a television than you’re good to go also. The biggest plus point about the Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD Handycam Camcorder

is the 40x zoom so you can get real up close and personal.

In all, the Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD HandyCam is decent but not great and for a camera with a more stable zoom and greater image quality you should check out the Kodak KZi6

for a more friendly camcorder.









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  2. Hi, I am an owner of the Sony DCR-DVD108 DVD Handycam Camcorder. I agree with your review, in the most high agreement with the difficulty of editing recordings on a mac or PC. I have not had any success with many attempts at editing my recordings on any of my editing programs. (final cut pro, or iMovie)
    Could you e-mail me with any assistance on editing DVD recordings either IN CAMERA or on Computer.
    Thank you,
    Dana Richardson.

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