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Remote Control Lawyer – If Only

My Pet Lawyer

My Pet Lawyer

 Now this has got to be one of the most useless gadgets we’ve seen but the the remote control My Pet Lawyer does have high entertainment value. If only all lawyers could be kept on such a tight leash….

The remote control My Pet Lawyer comes with 9 phrases and a Briefcase of Justice remote control. Sit your tamed shark down on his briefcase and hear him spout such true to life lawyer phrases such as ‘That’ll Cost you’ and ‘Pay me, pay me, pay me’.

Your new toy lawyer also has an unsettling Punch & Judy like laugh and you can also record your own phrases to add to the My Pet Lawyer repertoire.

The r/c lawyer stands at 10 inches tall, has bendable arms, a spiked colloar and requires 5 AA batteries. You can get your own lawyer on a leash My Pet Lawyer for the rather reasonable prices of $4.99 from Speaktome


My Pet Lawyer

My Pet Lawyer




  1. Hey, what can I say – he makes me laugh and he’s never lied to me. If he were a little taller, I’d date him, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for having him on a permanent retainer.

  2. Just keep your fingers away from his mouth. He may bite….

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