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Make Google Chrome Look Like FireFox – Progress Is A Slow Process



 If you’ve been trying Google Chrome for a few days (like 3% of the internet population) then you’ll realise that it it’s not too great to look at compared to they way you can customize the look of other browsers by using skins and themes.

Well fret no more customization fans as we’ve come across to Google Chrome skins that will make your new browser look like your old ones. These skins give Google Chrome either the Firefox or Safari look for all you die-hard fans.

As an aside, I just don’t get people who take something original, then bend over backwards to make it look like something that has been done before (except of course, for making modern gadgets look retro like this retro USB microphone

, then that’s just fine and dandy), but if it floats your boat you can download the Firefox skin for Google Chrome from here

and the Safari(ish) Skin from here


Installation instructions below

To install these themes, download your desired theme then uncompressed it and copy the default.dll file(found in zip) and replace the once found in

For Windows XP Users:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes\

For Windows Vista Users:






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