Screen2 Screen Dock – New Clothes For Your Old Cell Phone



All these new cell phones are fantastic but most of us are; A – pretty much happy with the phones we already have; and B – can’t afford the extortionate price plans that the snazziest of these new phones come with (yes, I’m talking to you iPhone

). This is where the Screen2 Screen Dock by Lu Le comes in. Why get a new cell phone when you can just jazz up your old one with a rather nifty dock?

The Screen2 Screen Dock adds to the functionality of your existing phone by providing additional services like web browsing, digital photo viewing, instant messaging and a few of the other bonuses you would find on the latest multi-function cell phone.

Designer Lu Le also decided to throw in a large touch-screen so you can actually see what you are looking at when browsing (again, talking to you iPhone)

. On the downside, A – the Screen2 Screen Dock is just a concept design and B – needing a dock to access all the funky features rather defeats the purpose of a cell phone (also known as a mobile)….






  1. This is very nice and has a lot of practical application.Will talk about this with friends 🙂

  2. how can i buy this stuff,can u email and tell me?

  3. Unfortunately my dear Vivian, this is just a concept design. Stuff this cool takes years to come to market 🙁

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