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Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch – Lucky Aces



Not much of a gambler, in fact, no-one at GadgetHeat gambles at all (call us prudent) but the Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch has enough style on its own merit for us to overlook the gambling associations and just wear it for the cool points.

The Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch tells the time via four dot-matrix LED’s that display the time and date. When you operate the two buttons by the side of the bezel, the LED’s also allow you place a bet and then display the spinning dials of a slot machine.

For $99.99 the Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch won’t break the bank but you can lose a whole lot more if you actually use it to gamble. Bet you can’t resist…..


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